11thHigh Wycombe

Beavers Camps What We Do

General Information

All Beaver Scouts are to arrive in full uniform
Any medication is to be handed to a uniformed Beaver Leader on arrival.
All pocket money to be handed into a uniformed leader in a named envelope (unless already collected)
Beaver Scouts are to bring a packed lunch in a named disposable bag. Please do not include sweets/gum or fizzy drinks.
No Gameboys or MP3 players or the like.
No Mobile Phones.


Residential experiences in the Beaver Scout
section very often give young people their first
experience of a night away from home without
their parents/carers. They are the young person’s
first taste of residential Scouting and it is vital that
any ‘introductory’ experience of the activity should
be of a good quality. This will ensure that a young
person is not put off by a bad experience.