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There's always paperwork!


Here are some common forms for your use.


The forms will open in an Adobe Reader file.


Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking their logo below. (link opens up in a new window). All documents will open in a new window.


 Medical / Health Form
This form is required for activities - don't forget to put the activity name and date(s) at the top. You can also download this form, fill out all the details on your PC and save it for future use... just remember to change the details at the top (and check through the form fully for updates needed) for each activity.

Cub Trip - Parent Consent Form



scout logo Kit List - Tents
Scouts will stay in tents

Kit List for tents



scout logo Our Discipline and Drop-off/Pickup Policies
...As the name suggests, for info for all parents and Cubs.
Our Discipline

Drop off / Pick Up


scout logo Where to put those Badges on your Uniform
This diagram is in your Cub Pack Books.
Uniform Badge Diagram      

What do I need Uniform


scout logo Youth Membership Form
When someone wants to come along for a look at Cubs, we need to get a membership form filled out and given to a Leader.

Initially, this is just for insurance purposes... it only goes through for processing if the person decides they do want to join Cubs.

Please fill out parent details for both parents and also email address(es) for emailing of notices.
Joining Form