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Cub Camps What We Do

General Information

All CubScouts are to arrive in full uniform

Any medication is to be handed to a uniformed Cub Leader on arrival.

All pocket money, cakes and Sweets to be handed into a leader in a named envelope (unless already collected)

No Gameboys or MP3 players or the like.
No Mobile Phones.


Phasels Wood Activity Camp – 2013


What a great weekend away with many of our brand-new Cubs joining our more experienced campers for some fun in the rain, proving once and for all that Cubs are indeed waterproof.


We were so impressed with our new joiners – two weeks in and already on Camp, pushing themselves to try things that seem a little bit scary and coming out smiling every time. I can tell we’re going to have some fun with this lot!


A special first nights away badge for many! Great fun on the Cresta Run, Air Rifle Shooting, Pedal Racers and Rolling Rock Traverse Wall,



Please Note.

The adults sleep in different tents to the cubs.

The cubs have to wash every day (including brushing their teeth!)

No cub ever goes hungry – the catering team are ready to feed anybody but please let us know about any dietary requirements.

We can make sure your child takes his or her medication but you must talk to a leader in advance so we know what we’re giving them!

The tents are waterproof.

We don’t cancel activities if it’s raining – so your child will need a decent set of waterproofs (trousers and jacket).

We can’t guarantee that a child will be with all his or her friends but we do our best.