11thHigh Wycombe

Cub Camps Camps Where We Go

General Information

All CubScouts are to arrive in full uniform

Any medication is to be handed to a uniformed Cub Leader on arrival.

All pocket money, cakes and Sweets to be handed into a leader in a named envelope (unless already collected)

No Gameboys or MP3 players or the like.
No Mobile Phones.


Local Campsites 
Braid Wood     -           www.braid-wood.org.uk
Chalfont Heights -        www.chalfont.info
Dorney Wood -            www.dorneywoodscoutcamp.org.uk
Longridge –                 www.longridge-uk.org
Phasels Wood -           www.phaselswood.org.uk
Quarries -                    www.thequarriescampsite.co.u